Introducing myself

Oh, 'erro! o7

Thought i’d make a small introduction about myself. Some of you have already met me, but ah well…

My name is Joost, currently 22 years old - 23 next tuesday - , and i currenlty live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I moved out about 2 months ago, and since then, i’ve been struggling with loads of things…

Why i joined you guys?

Simple. EU based, in need of friends who i can chat / meet with on a regular basis, and sick and tired of playing Arma 3 by myself. Basically, this group already made my life a lot better, always go in TS with a smile, knowing i’ll have fun.

In the daily live, i work as an ISP tech advisor, and play the drums. - The first one pays shit, that’s where the entire struggle is coming from - Did some touring with my old band, but unfortunately, that didn’t work out in the end. Had auditions for a new band this week, currently waiting about the results.

What can you expect from me?
PAR’s! If i have the time, i’ll try to write those from time to time.
Here’s a small taste of what i wrote for a previous Arma clan :
For the CO/XO : I know it states that i am still a member, but I’ve clearly told them that i couldn’t be a part anymore due to work at that time. This was February last year.

  • (Bad) Humor.
  • Learner. I simply want to learn to become the best i can be, the chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.
  • Dedication. I think this speaks for itself seeing the past week.

If you have any questions,remarks or w/e, just leave them. :stuck_out_tongue:

~ Volc ~

Hey Volcania, welcome to the family!
Yea, that half hour dismissal from work from last time was epic. Don’t do that too often though haha xD

We’ll talk soon!

Bad humor? You and Goat should have a talk…

[quote user_id=“13068557” avatar=“” name=“Iisha”]Hey Volcania, welcome to the family!
Yea, that half hour dismissal from work from last time was epic. Don’t do that too often though haha xD

We’ll talk soon![/quote]
That was just a small slice of my ‘dedication’. :slight_smile:

hehe, perhaps. Looking forward to tonight, we’ll see what happens. :slight_smile:

Any comments on the previous PAR i wrote? I’d like to know what are plusses and negatives, so i can try and write 'em better for you guys.

Hey VolcaniaNL! Nice to see you on board :slight_smile: Love to see someone with alot of energy and will to use it proper way!

Depends what "bad" is. If you mean terrible terrible things that shouldn’t be joked about then i’m your man

You know damn well what I meant, Goat. You know… shiver damn well…

you were so innocent before we started gaming…

Good to see many new faces show up while I was gone. With bad humor you’ll fit right in.

I’m starting my gruesome travel home early next morning, so soon we’ll show you to Robihunn and get to know each other better.

Good luck on your trip, Bull! Don’t eat their junk food, stay healthy. Trust me, I’ve been there.

What was the name of your last band ? Any video’s ?

State of mind. I’ll try to link a few tonight :slight_smile:

I seem to have forgotten to do this, sorry Shiny. Will do it tonight.

As promised. A bit late, but ah well, better late then never:

I remember a dutch band called state of mind but I think its a different one. Anyway sounds good man ! We can start a CNTO band with me and Anders on Guitar and Bass and you on drums now :slight_smile:

Yes, we’ve had some trouble with them. The drummer from that band was acting all cocky and stuff, tried to force us to change our name. We flipped him off, we searched like crazy when choosing the name and they didn’t pop up.

Hi mates, I’m glad to introduce myself to this community:

My Name is Andi, my ingame Nick is "Gravity". I’m Swiss, 52y.old and father of a 13y. young Girl. Today I’m living with my family in Central Switzerland in a picturesque small village, with a panoramic view down on a nice lake and the Swiss Alps. A long time ago, when I was still a young and green man, I served in the Swiss militia System as "Panzergrenadier" and later also in the French Legion Etrangere. I was living and working in Germany, France, USA, Venezuela and New Zealand. My hobbies are Chinese martial art (teaching that was once my profession), military history and PC gaming. Because of a heavy car accident I had to give up parachuting, diving and riding fast motorbikes. I’m a relaxed Person and my humor can sometimes be quite dark. In real life I’m a Buddhist teacher. I see and respect every Person as a unique and equal beeing and I know we are all just "cooking with water". Compassion, joy, courage and honesty are important to me.

I’ve spent the last 25 months uninterrupted in the Airborne Infantry of the "7th Cavalry" gaming clan. I learned a lots about hardcore milsim community structures and hardcore roleplaying styles while in there. I joined them because I wanted tactical excellence and a ton of fun in teamplay together, but I was never interested in the super boring Army bureaucracy/Army ranking roleplaying aspect. I made the experience many times that people took the fantasy ranks way to serious, got corrupted by it and destroyed in the consequence any equality - splitting so the community profoundly and systematically, making normal human interactions in the presence of CoC very difficult, ultimatly killing the fun. Hence I discharged last week.

So with this precious experiences gathered I was consciously looking for an "only serious fun" tactical teamplay clan and I’m very happy that I’ve found this special community here. I’ve already submitted my application. I’m looking forward to the interview and hopefully I will soon be able to join you guys on the virtual battlefield, learning from your example while fighting side by side against challenging odds, making a "Camerone".

Greetings from the Swiss Alps,

Härzlech Wilkomme :wink:

This is the first introduction I’ve read in ages.
And I don’t regret it - very interesting.
Looking forward to meet you on one of our events.


Hello there!

"Welcome to the show where everyone is having fun and the ranks don’t matter" :slight_smile:

Welcome Andi !