If anyone has anywhere awesome that me and my mates should go post it here much love

What country are you in and what sort of thing are you looking to do?
I would say the UK is well worth some travel, though the North is a bit damp atm. London is a great (but pricey) city though if you like culture most of the big museums are free with some pay for exhibits. Amsterdam is a wonderful city, too.
If you fancy a bit of history the French side of the Channel is worth a visit. Dunquirk (where the BEF evacuated in WW2) is relatively easy to get to, and the Normandy beaches are not far away.

Well we are starting in brussels UK isnt on the cards unfortunately since im from NI and it doesnt exactly intice me haha

If your guys come to Switzerland. … I can host you for some days if you need a place to stay :slight_smile:

You should go have a look at the region "Gruyéres" (Close to me). Its a nice place with the "HR Giger Museum" and "Meringues avec crème double du Gruyére" to eat…

There are many places like this to visit, but it really depends on the Weather!

Switzerland is quite expensive but you can find a lot of very nice places (nature and towns)

PM me if you want details!

Blankenberge in Belgium has an amazing beach with all the bars, hotels and minigolf that you could wish for. Seriously it’s worth a visit if the weather is good.