Jason Davids with a special report from Altis.

Thanks everyone for helping make this. Thanks to [user avatar=“” name=“Goat”]1583435[/user] for the VO.
[user avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]12591864[/user] , [user avatar=“” name=“Cody”]13586136[/user] , [user avatar=“” name=“Spartak”]13751607[/user] , [user avatar=“” name=“Anders”]4259784[/user]
I know there were more, but I’m drawing a blank right now :frowning:

Awesome :smiley:

Haha very well done dude loved it :thumb:

Plus awesome voice over Goat :d

Nice vid but next time if you do the voice over in game I suggest not having a chopper flying next to ya. They tend to be very loud xD.

We actually did the VO after recording. I mixed the volumes so that the chopper would be loud.

Yeah, sorry Obi, but that makes people not want to bother listening. Noone wants to strain to understand someone else, and your artistic vision for the scene… Well, says enough that I actually did stop trying to listen, figuring I’d catch the context later on.
Other than that, for a first video of its sort this is very well produced. Very thorough, good footage, and it was only a bit obvious that Goat was reading off a script.

I could hear it just fine while mixing and editing. If there’s a problem with it not being able to be heard, then I can fix the mix, but I had no problems hearing it, and that might just be my EQ settings. Though, honestly its just something I did for fun and a bit of extra immersion for the people playing the PMC ops, plus it has some relevance to future missions and such.
Thanks for the feedback.

Remember Obi, Youtube ALWAYS fucks up the quality of every video; sound included. I could catch intermittent words, yes, but not enough to understand what was being said, not without straining. Maybe that’s just me and Chris though. Did others find it annoying/difficult to hear?

Yeah, that’s so crazy. I’ve watched it through on Youtube a couple of time (just watched it again now) and I can hear him perfectly over the chopper with it still having a strong presence in the mix as if it were a live broadcast. Try setting your audio mixer to loudness equalization and see if that changes anything. IDK, weird.

Perhaps it’s down to the user audio settings yeah, like the used headset and stuff. Imma do some tinkering with the options, see if I can get it.

Coming from my days doing audio engineering and studio work, its always super hard to get a mix that is near perfect on all set ups. One man’s loud is another man’s quiet, and all that.

Just Awesome

When i run it through my speakers it is quite difficult to hear at points but when I run it through a headset it’s much more easy to understand. I don’t know if you’re listening through speakers or headset but that often makes a difference.

oh look there is me as my alter ego Drago in the AAF :slight_smile:

not gonna lie Obi I have watched this about 10 times now haha and Jason Davids is a ledge, also love the part where the heli comes in and whoever it was runs to the wrong side of the heli but styles it out by pretending he is just chatting to pilot :slight_smile:

Haha, it worked out so damn well. I’m glad you like it man! I’m hoping to get Goat in on a mission where he plays Jason Davids and does an interview with the PMCs where an attack may or may not happen. :wink:

Fine by me. I can spare an evening for that.

My favorite part is when you can see the chopper spinning before it goes down and if you listen really close you can hear "MAYDAY, MAYDAY" over the radio.

Yeah, I heard that, damn nice touch.