Infos regarding our Switch from Enjin to a new Website

Hi fellow Owls

As some of you may have read Enjin is closing its forum-building system at the end of April. This means that both our website and forum need a new place to exist. We are currently migrating both and plan on shutting down the current solution in a few days to allow for a smoother migration.

The new forum will require some time to catch up with all the loved and existing features of Enjin. This forum (Enjin) will be put in read-only mode on April 16th and after that date, you will no longer be able to post new threads or reply to existing ones as well as register as a new member. Any other changes will not be tracked after April 16th, should you still manage to make any (this includes - but is not limited to - editing existing threads or making changes to your profile). As we are unable to export direct messages, please go ahead and save any information you would like to keep.

For existing members, don’t worry we are going to export almost all that was ever posted as well as your profile. Once the new system will be up and running you will need to ask either Staff Sergeants or members of Research and Development for your temporary password to access the new forum. Your username will be the same. Upon logging in for the first time you must change your email (which will be a dummy one at login) to an up-to-date address you own and change your password as well. Further details on how to get your new accounts will follow once the new website is operational. New Recruits will be able to sign-up/register directly on the new website once it’s up and running.

A very big thank you goes to [user avatar=“” name=“Henrik”]8061610[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“Anarchy”]2292486[/user] for putting in a ton of hours to work on a new forum solution using the open-source platform Discourse as well as exporting all our existing enjin user data to the new website.

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Moved thread into General Discussions forum to make it available to non-members and ex-members.

Our website is now officially set to read-only. Once the new forums are fully operational we will post in this thread again, on how you can gain access. In the meantime, we are exporting all of enjin’s forum data and then matching the posts of each user with newly generated user credentials, so you won’t lose your enjin posts in the new forums.

We are releasing the new forums ( this week. It’s currently still in the beta phase, so there may be some minor kinks to iron out but overall it’s functional and your previous enjin posts have been imported.

In order to get your profile login data please post in the Discord channel #new-forum-credentials. SSgts and R&D will split the workload amongst themselves and process your requests individually.

You will receive a temporary password via PM. Please login with your regular username and change BOTH your pw and email address in the new forum profile account.

If you are a Recruit who joined after April 16th 2023 please go directly to the new forums and sign-up manually / create your own user account.

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