Incoming 1.36 update

So I often visit the ArmA reddit, and over the past few weeks I’ve seen BIS Community Manager "Dwarden" using the reddit, among other media, to get people to play on BI servers to stress test.
Example: Reddit - Dive into anything

It seems like BI really is working on MP optimization and I really appreciate that and the contact they have with the community. According to this tweet : it’s looking real good.

I’m not expecting much but hopefully the 1.36 update will improve MP a bit.

I am hoping that this time they really test this patch before release. Last time they tried to optimise MP performance they renderred the game unplayable for almost two months.

You’re really a naysayer, aren’t you^^. Afaik the game wasn’t unplayable for two months. In our instance yes, but for the majority of players it wasn’t. But indeed, I hope too that they don’t fuck it up for us anymore.

EAGC couldn’t host operation anymore for that time span. There were lots of other communities who had the same problem, thus it was unplayable on community levels. It’s not naysaying when there’s a reason to be critical. It has happened several times that Bohemia introduced updates that broke several key mods, generated desync or featured other issues.

It was tough no doubt about it, I can only imagine how frustrating it was trying to work around the problems it caused. Still fingers crossed!