If you could create an ARMA III mod, What would it be ?

What if…
Carpe Noctem gathers a Dev team, with limitless resources, to compete to the next ‘‘Make Arma not War’’ edition.
Point is they don’t get a single idea to start with, and there comes your brilliant idea.
What would you say ?

I would personally go for a developed submarine mod(Military/Treasure hunt/Exploration), because I just love diving in Arma3.

Or an urban map pack theme on big cities, imagine fighting on a portion of Paris/London/Zurich/Berlin/New-York/Tokyo streets.
‘‘A1 to ASL we are currently chilling at Clarke’s flat waiting for resupply, ETA of these boxes ?’’

I would make a WWII Winter & Continuation war mod. There are barely any good games or mods that cover that area. :slight_smile:

More dynamics in terrain, such as underground cave systems, tunnels, flowing rivers etc. :smiley:
Uhh, proper flight model like Dslyecxi described in one of his videos :slight_smile:

Just could come up with these, but there are hundreds of things which would be awesome to have :slight_smile:

I think if someone would make a mod, it can first ask what we are ‘‘missing’’ atm in our sessions, so to fill up the empty space instead of filling up the mountain of other stuff :slight_smile:

-A handheld flashlight… Simply need to be able to have a portable light without weapon in 2035.
-Underground structures like caves and tunnels.
-A western european map pack with the 3D map assets.
-The ability to climb on anything provided it’s reachable alone or with help of 1 or 2 mates. Of course at cost of stamina, especially using your arms would make your aiming useless for a certain amount of time. With the right animations.

Definitely a map that features tunnels and caves stretching below it. The lighting might get weird though.

World war 2… Hmmm…

A highly detailed western capital map. All the buildings in this game are currently very spread out and the houses are not detailed enough.

[justify]In my ideal world I’d turn back time a couple of years, become lead designer on Arma 3 and slap any dev pushing for the 2035 theme and space bumblebees. Lastly I’d tell them "just recreate A2 with updated graphics, some additional features such as stance adjustment, Zeus etc., launch with a larger unit roster than A2 and at least 3-4 vanilla maps." Done.

When it comes to mods I’d really like to see a well done, detailed multi-national NATO blue helmet faction on the level of polish of RHS.[/justify]

Battlefield 2142 or something like that? Massive titans in the air!))

Or what about something like the wild west or american civil war? or is that too complicated?
Sorry if my suggestion seems foolish have zero experience in game/mod development :frowning:

Wow what a thread,

I guess I would have to go with a nice new huge map based on Europe with all the capitals represented by half decent sized cities with buildings you can actually enter and explore. Then we could have a CNTO hold your capital PvP mission haha, obviously UK members would team up with the Russians against Germany and Central Europe while Clarke chill’s out in his pad in Bern :-d

Serious note proper building you can enter would be great I downloaded the BiS tools the other day trying to play with map creation maybe I should make a nice building like Nakatomi Plaza.

I can live with most of Arma’s drawbacks but if it were in my hands, I’d create an AI that blows your mind. Figuratively and literally.

Bern?! I’m a Zurich hoodlum!! :LOL:

But I’m going off-topic…

They already have a mod for it, but I’d like to see them officially add female character models and voices into the game. I have two female friends who are interested in the game, but avoid it because of that…and for real, its set in 2035…the US military is already putting women in combat situations and pressing for further expansion of their roles in the military…and other countries have had them as front-line for years and years.

As far as mods I’d love to see: Dynamic maps and AI that you can trust to be good.

I’d add literal depth to ARMA terrains allowing for tunneling, trench networks and Iwo-Jima style bunkering. I’d like to be able to dig Hesco barriers into the ground to prevent the way that the 2D/3D editor handles fortifications on inclines. In short, dirt and entrenching tools.

[quote user_id=“12591864” avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/12591864/avatar/medium.1526326563.jpeg” name=“Dachi”]Wow what a thread,

I guess I would have to go with a nice new huge map based on Europe with all the capitals represented by half decent sized cities with buildings you can actually enter and explore. [/quote]

Sounds a bit of a cross between Battleground Europe and Atlantica :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d add more depth to maps as well, and ofcourse ; better flight models ! :geek:

A violent funeral for the action menu.

Hum… ARMA needs bycicles… mountain biking in ARMA would be cool…
More boats, more civilian stuff, Power Rangers?

But for realz, a map would be cool, not to big… keep in mind the performance, but yeah an urban map would be cool, maybe, instead of having alot of props in one map to pretend to be our base, why not creating the actuall CNTO facilities/ training facilities, a small map with some shooting ranges, MOUT courses, Flight training, classroom… That would be actually awsome… oh, lets not forget our uniforms… shall we? xD

I would probably want/make a mod that adds in depth intel that you can find in enemy bases. Things like laptops that you can actually open and search, maps that you can pick up and see what is on it, cellphones with contacts that you can call and trace and maybe even interrogating hostages. Or just extra "illegal" things to look for such as hidden weapon crates (under the floor or something similar), different kinds of drugs, signs of human trafficking etc. These things would really make operations more interesting as the mission doesn’t just stop when you captured an officer or took some intel as you now have a lead to another mission.

I also dislike the fact that ambient animal life is client-side and awfully chill. A firefight can erupt around a rabbit and there he sits, all chill; eating his grass.