Iconic Arms

While browsing the youtube depths, I came across a pretty good series (a playlist) of videos with fairly good production quality, good amount of information and with video games as a major focus. Ie. I was especially unaware of the role that the FAL platform has played and what it was mean to represent.

Among other things, you get to know all the variants of the MP5 and AWM we have in our modpack, the history behind MP7, why there’s a handgun called the "five seven", … the story behind Thompson’s famous WW2 design, why the M1 Garand has a "ping" sound when you fire all the bullets, and that the SPAS-12 isn’t nearly as useful and interesting as shown in popular culture.

I’m not claiming the information is 100% accurate or complete, but it seems to be a nice and entertaining overview.

If you like firearm design, engineering and history, I’d also recommend this channel: Forgotten Weapons - YouTube
Tons of videos on really cool stuff

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