i herd u like pvp so i put more pvp in your pvp (DTAS mod)

Nobody can deny that everybody absolutely loved playing ARMA3 GunGame yesterday and previously.

As the game was loading, I noticed the developer’s name is Gal Zohar - a very Israeli name. Then before going to sleep, I checked facebook and noticed some chatter about ARMA3 in a group I’m a member of - Working Gamers. And who was chatting? Gal Zohar. What a coincidence, my mind was blown. ;D

Anyhow, he showed me the next mod he created, it’s called Dynamic Take and Secure. It’s a very fast paced PVP game mod that plays similar to GunGame thanks to it’s focus on MOUT.

We should definitely check it out.


  • Attackers should capture the objective area from the defenders before time runs out, while defenders need to prevent them from completing their mission. Game is played in a "best of" system. To keep it balanced, your score must also be higher than the enemy by at least 2 points.
  • The objective area is picked at random from pre-defined areas, while insertion position and method can be selected by the leader of the attacking team.
  • Once there are more attackers than defenders within the objective area, they will begin to capture the zone. The higher the difference between attackers and defenders, the faster the capture speed. Capturing alone takes 60 seconds, while each additional player will bring down the duration significantly closer to the minimum capture time of 20 seconds.
  • Equipment is given based on a class system. Available classes depend on whether you are defending or attacking - attackers have superior equipment available.
  • Each squad of attackers can choose their insertion method and position, and start the round already mounted into their vehicles ready for rapid deployment. Defenders start at the objective area, unaware of where the attackers are coming from.
  • Attackers and defenders swap roles every odd number of rounds, while the objective location changes every even number of rounds. Combined with difference in equipment availability, this creates balance in this assymetric scenario. Additionally, winning team must lead by at least 2 points, to make sure that the side swapping is balanced symmetrically. For example, in a "best of 9", the match will not end if the final score is a 5-4, but rather continue until one team has a lead of 2 points.

Siked !!