I am a poor scrub who wants to experience "VR" Here's your product

So I’m not a sheep. I know how VR works. It’s pretty simple. So for that reason I am not going to pay 500 quid for an occulus rift or whatever valve’s product is. Fuck that.

Are you in the same boat?

An affordable VR, Is that really so much to ask?

So here’s your answer: An app that will stream your desktop PC to your android phone. And supports motion tracking.

All you need to do is construct some sort of rudimentary glasses to attach your phone to your head. You could 3D print something you made in 3DSMax if you’re fancy, or you could create a really crappy thing with cardboard like I did… or just buy google cardboard for like… a dollar?



No need to thank me. Just don’t waste money on an oculus or a vive.

Still doesn’t beat Google Cardboard. :slight_smile:

Google cardboard only really lets you play android aps with VR though. You can’t play your PC games with it. However you can use the cardboard visor for this app.

So I reccomend getting Google Cardboard + Trinus.

Google cardboard can be a bit… uncomfortable.
A friend of mine has tried multiple alternatives, and some provide a pretty good fit for a fair price (around 15-30 euro)
In the Netherlands we have also some big stores who sell them, such as HEMA (link) and offers a plastic variant with foam for comfort (important for long wear)
I tried the Trinus, but felt quite limited. Its not as ‘‘feature full’’ as dedicated VR glasses, but it’s a good start for a ‘‘i am a poort scrub’’ guy!

All in all, I’d invest in some 15-30 euro plastic mobile VR headset, rather then the google cardboard, but if even that is out of your price range, sure a cardboard will be fine :slight_smile: (dont expect comfort though)

I actually created my own goggles using cardboard. I then made them ergonomic for my face with duct tape and foam. I’m pretty pleased with the result, even though it looks like shit. I made my own VR headset so suck it Oculus users.

If you make your own I reccomend making sure no light can get inside the phone box.