HVT Arrest

Operation: Vulture’s Bane

This is Lodewikus Bekker. Codename: Hyena. Memorize his face well.

Wikus was once a private military contractor from south africa, until his firm was forced to dissolve when the UN got wind of some shady deals.

Despite this Mr Bekker had no trouble finding employment amongst africa’s warlords. His travels eventually took him to Takistan, where he made himself indisposable to the late Colonel Muhammad Aziz. When Aziz was killed outside zargabad, he found new employment, and today we are going to find out who.

If we get Bekker, we not only cripple whoever he is working for, but uncover life-saving intelligence.

Bekker was spotted yesterday in the capital at Zargabad. It would seem as if he had some shady deals of his own going on. We not only want to arrest Bekker, but also arrest anyone he speaks to. This is is crucial, as we believe he may have ties to international criminals and arms dealers. We wish to end the flow of weapons into Takistan and ultimately into taki-militia hands. Aziz’s shadow still hangs over Takistan, and we believe that elements of his staff are still moving to wrestle control. After the thwarted SCUD attacks against Karzeghistan, we’re not sure what their intentions for Takistan are, but we can safely assume it is not good.

At your disposal you will have 4 civilian trucks, 2 humvees, 2 UAV mini drones, and one littlebird chopper.

^ Undercover gear


5-15 men are operating undercover in zargabad will be Alpha team. It will be their job to stalk Hyena and coordinate teams to capture anyone he interacts with. We are expecting him to meet with multiple contacts. They are presumed to be international criminals, illegal arms dealers and terrorists.

10-20 men outside of zargabad at camp logan will be Bravo team act as a diversion as well as being the extract team, and help the undercover operatives evacuate the city and take Hyena and the arms dealers into custody.

The first order of buisness is for Alpha team to arrest all of Hyena’s contacts. Meanwhile Bravo team will sweep and clear Firuz Baharv, which we believe to be concealing a huge illegal arms shipment.

When Hyena leaves the city we will know his buisness has concluded, Bravo team are then to intercept his vehicle when he is suitably far from the city limits with humvees and make the arrest. At your disposal will be a littlebird, in case he tries to make a run for it, which can be used as a fire platform for riflemen to shoot out his tyres.

Critical Notes:

This will be a low key operation, meaning that it is adviseable that you do not draw attention to yourselves. Keep weapons, webbing and vests stowed in the truck and do not blow your cover. If Wikus suspects anything, he may not meet the arms dealers and could lead us into a trap.

It would also be adviseable that the UAV drone operates at a high enough altitude that it cannot be spotted or heard. When tailing your target communication will be key. Make sure to stay out of sight and several car lengths behind. Park around the corner if possible. Zargabad is highly populous, and civilian presence will be high. Try to avoid scaring the civilians as it may alert Wikus.

Remember, we want Mr Bekker ALIVE. Do not shoot at him unless the situation is dire. Even a leg-shot could potentially result in death by shock. His interrogation will be critical to our intelligence gathering and will potentially save many civilian lives. However note that Bekker is highly trained and ruthless. He is extremely dangerous and should be treated as such.

We cannot be certain but there may be enemy militia presence in the city. Be careful with your fire as there are many civilians in zargabad.

(There are many details of the mission that cannot be disclosed and you will have to find out yourself)

We currently dont use marksmen. Another option might be to set up an ambush and trying to pursuade them to step out of the vehicle and drop their weapons.

Riflemen would do. Execution will be up to the fireteam involved, however an orbiting littlebird, with riflemen on the sides would make it easy to persue and verify the target if he tries to escape in the car I have plans for the mission, but the details should be for the mission creators only

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This looks awesome!!!

I can’t wait to play in this one!

Sounds really cool guys nice work.

[justify]Thanks for going through the effort of writing out the mission details on the forums, it’s much appreciated. Currently my RL schedule is kinda insane due to me being part of four work projects which all have very tight deadlines.

I’ll get to looking into this mission as soon as possible, but that might be at the end of April.[/justify]