Hey guys,

chypsa reporting in (chypsa is my ageold nickname in most games, that’s why it’s not capitalized).

I’m 32, have a family, a two-yearold child, I work in IT and I’ve been playing Arma 3 for a bit over a year now. I consider myself to be a patient and decently skilled player who still has lots to learn, especially in Arma. In that regard, I’m perfectly fine with starting off as a tiny grasshopper (reference for the older guys) :slight_smile:

In the Arma environment I prefer tactical CoOp missions over TvT, but I do enjoy both.

I’m also currently studying, alongside work and family, so my game-times can be a bit random. I am usually able to join in around 22:00h CET due to having a small kid. I also have exams every five weeks lasting two weeks, which can get a bit hectic and cause me not to play for periods of up to ten days, after which I compensate by rediculous amounts of game time late in the night. I’m aware that’s not ideal, but hey…it is what it is :slight_smile: That said, I’m usually online at least 3 days a week.

I already have and have used most of your modset, but I’ve only used AGM casually since we used CMS/CSE for missions, so some training maybe required there. TFR was a standard in all the missions your other applicant (Gunny) and I have used, so no problems there. Yes, Gunny and I have started playing Arma together and we’re looking for some advancement now.

If you ask me what I’m looking for in Arma, I’d have to say from this perspective and having read your introduction articles…this is it. ‘Serious’ gameplay with an active community that’s not overdoing it on the hardcore military stuff.

Welcome to the community Chypsa! It’s always nice to see new players introduce themselves on our website. It shows interest, maturity and dedication which is three things we love here. As I wrote on Gunny’s thread I’m looking forward to meeting you guys and shooting some people with you (In a tactical way of course).

Hey Chypsa,

Welcome. Look forward to seeing you on events soon :slight_smile:

Hey hey, thanks for the warm welcome. I’m still sorting out the must-do stuff before I apply for an event, but I plan to do that very soon :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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