How many steam games (is too much)?

So while I was just grabbing my paypal account by the neck and was about to violently rape it again for some steam game I probably play for too little time to justify adding more debt to my studyloan, I had a thought.

How many Steam games does everyone have and when would you consider it to be too much, or enough. I have, at the moment of writing this, 227 steam games. A lot of them probably came from HumbleBundles, and are extra since I perhaps wanted one or two games of a bundle with a discount. I truely think I overspend but I do take in consideration I made my steam account somewhere in february 2012. That means 40-50 games per year. Or 1 game every week or so.

How many games does everyone own and do you have a feeling of guilt / regret for it?

… I now own 228 games. Stellaris here I come.

I have 1 game mate Arma so you have 227 too many!!! :d

324 games since July 2008, zero regrets nor guilt. You merely have to follow your own golden rule: determine how much an hour of videogame fun is worth then make sure you buy games only if you know you’re going to have more hours of fun than your budget ! Personally it’s 1€ per hour. If I include all my arma-oriented gear I’m more or less in the black on ArmA, despite my recently celebrated 1000 hours :smiley:

I have 27 and I thought I had a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 444 games.
according to:
that’s a value of 5577€ or 1583€ with sales.

That’s from being on steam since 2004

This reminded me so much of this 4chan post I once saw

Do you happen to like linkin park as well?

I do have 4 games, of it one for free, and other two I bought bc wanted buy DLCs for Arma so said myself why not try something new, but I do regret one of these bc it was under my expectations.

560 here

Current account value

Hours on record (most of it Arma and Dota)

Average playtime

Games not played

Games not played

I regret nothing.

My Steam Profile (from SteamDB)

[list] []Worth: 8133€ (2870€ with sales)
]Games owned: 1578
[]Games not played: 651 i[/i]
]Hours on record: 4,444.9h [/list]