Hostage Situation

CNTO Hostage Situation

3 groups: cops, terrorists and hostages engage in a tense game of life and death.
Click here for the mission document!

We played a bit of this on Wednesday night and it was great fun!

Let us know what you think!

Document is updated. Check again now :thumb:
We tried this last night and it was good fun !

Sounds awesome!

It was really fun,

I especially enjoyed playing as the terrorist :thumb:

At first I was a little sceptical, but after I read the document, I think this sounds great!

Ow yeah! Love it!
Anyone knows where does 12g beanbags go into ? :rollseyes:
Really liked playing the SWAT team :d

Updated the document with loadouts, also cleared up the rules and objectives.

[justify]Thanks for going through the effort of writing out the mission details in a google document, it’s much appreciated. Currently my RL schedule is kinda insane due to me being part of four work projects which all have very tight deadlines.

I’ll get to looking into this mission as soon as possible, but that might be at the end of April.[/justify]