HMS Marulken

This is a game on kickstarter atm, they are looking for funding to complete their SP campaign iirc. the game as it stands is playable and can be downloaded for free from their website:

The game is a multi crew submarine simulation, where you act as the crew for a swedish sub in german waters. I’ve only played this briefly, and just about managed to sink a target while running to and from the various stations myself, it looks like it could be good fun with a group, and is a very small DL

Well, I’m up for giving it a go. Downloading now.

Me too

That looks awesome. Kaleo told me you guys might be playing it so I grabbed it if you’ll have me.

Does look cool I will see if I can get on it!!!

looks interesting

If you’re into WWII submarine simulation and don’t know about the Silent Hunter series, I can very much recommend it. It unfortunately isn’t multiplayer (AFAIK), but on the "hardcore" modes, it lets you program the TDC manually, identify hundreds of ships, …, all the way to crew management, promotions, etc., all in a pretty well made campaign. It’s by no means a bug-free game/series, but it has its sweet spots.

(My favourite is SH4, but last game out is SH5.)

Anyway, as said, it’s not multiplayer. :frowning:

Yeah, I’ve been tempted many times to play the silent hunter games, but always just resigned to watching videos instead. The kickstarter for this game has been cancelled, as they got funding from the subsim forum, and are changing the setting so that it’ll be more realistic, with players manning a german sub instead.

Oh yes we can reenact the german movie "Das Boot" then

Even though it will be more like the movie Down Periscope

Or Carry on Convoy Raiding

I love the concept of HMS Marulken.
I have played SH4 and SH5 , especially when you install the latest mods which enhance the games visually and also improve the game mechanics in terms of navigation and torpedo handling. Although I must admit, even as a simulation nerd, the pace of the Subsims is a bit slow, I can tell you that on full simulation level, you can be quit proud when you take out ships in a convoy by calculating the right torpedo solution by hand.

Now being able to play this kind of sim as a team, with each role only having access to the data which is under his/her eyes, forcing everyone to relay the information over speech, like in real. That’s awesome. It’s also a good training for any leading role, which has to build up the ability to make a plan and take decisions upon data communicated by others and put together , without a visual clue (ok, there is the periscope, but it also makes you visible to the enemies)…

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