Hiatus server

Hey everyone,

Since our Hiatus will start soon and we always try to get a list of games that we can play during the hiatus if people have time, I thought it would be a good idea to host a game on our server during the hiatus that we can all join in to and play. Since the arma server will stay live and we always have antistasi on and since the Dayz server with the new update has finally quieted down, we can shut that down and replace it.

So my question is, would people like this? What game would we all like to play?
I am thinking Minecraft tekkit or similar that has loads to do and is a timesink.
It would also be cool to set a goal we could all work towards in a bigger game.
Share your ideas and thoughts.

i heard space engineers got a new planet, might be worth it.

I did really enjoy space engineers, so I would like it. Though afaik I was the only one to actually set foot on another planet (at all) the last time we played :smiley:

I haven’t played in ages, but I think the last few patches made it a lot better than it used to be. I think it might be fun.

Wouldn’t mind playing some speng, perhaps playing in smaller groups instead of one big group would be quite fun aswell!

I have never played it but I do own it. I would rather play a Minecraft mod pack with an end goal though. I think Space Engineers will bore me within a few hours. But then again I will be off the last week of the Hiatus to move house so if that is what people want I can probably set it up :slight_smile:
Didn’t we play this after their latest major update btw? The last time we played this is not too long ago right? Assuming you are talking about the August update.

We played in April/May on Seb’s server

I would also be very down to have a Colony Survival or Farming sim server running.
Both of those are now in the Jingle Jam bundle of this year.

Topic added to the November Monthly Meeting agenda

Space Engineers Server is up. Look for CNTO Hiatus Server. Password is the same as always.