Hi there

I’m 39, have played Arma 3 for over a year now, very interested in tactical and organized gameplay, can play from cook to whatever is needed and I don’t mind staring at the same sector for hours. If needed, I can lead a squad or fireteam. Being that old I expect serious fun as you mentioned. I’ve read dslyecxi guide and far too many other guides relating to military strategy.

In real life - software engineer, 2 kids, love football and strategy games. Had some military training (Croatian army reserve officers school). A passionate Liverpool supporter but I get along with United fans as well, as long as they don’t mention Lovren. :slight_smile:

Being that old, I can play 2 times a week, I hope that’s enough to be a part of this community. I’ll be applying for CNTO this Sunday due to being on holidays till then.

See you soon,


Great introduction! As far as I know, your buddy Chypsa filed an application, so feel free to do the same.

Hey Gunny. Don’t worry, you won’t have to stare at a sector for hours with us… often…

If you aspire to being a fireteam/squad leader then look into playing as AAR (fireteam 2IC) regularly, and filling in the FTLQF. Of course this comes after you become a grunt, which has its own set of trials to see to.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First we need your application.

Looking forward to seeing you on the field. I hope you’re as promising as you say.

Application submitted. Don’t worry about me leading, I am perfectly fine just to be a part of the unit and do as being told. See you on Monday.

Welcome Gunny! I’m Looking forward to playing with you soon :wink:

Thanks guys for the warm welcome. I have one question though. In case my application gets accepted, I presume there will be some kind of basic training?

Of a sort. This will be explained to you, in-depth, during your interview.


We basically throw you right in the lions pit, then watch you from aside. If you survive first 10 seconds, we give you next challenge. Interviewer will give you all details. :wink:

Welcome Gunny great name bye the way and avatar, look forward to seeing you on the battlefield soon :(,

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