Hi! I'm here to get shot at

Was just browsing the forums for the first time and found this section, guess it would be rude not to introduce myself!

I’m 23 years old, from Bedfordshire England and a fan of the ARMA series since my first year of uni (five years ago now, shiiiiiiit). In hindsight it was a terrible time to get into a game like this as my grades weren’t fantastic but I wouldn’t trade some of the times I’ve had for the world!

I’ve tried my hand at a few ways of playing the game, from the stuffy realism of milsim groups to the disorganised chaos of public servers. However, for me the most attractive way of playing the game has been for a long time the "serious fun" mentality espoused by ShackTac and others; where there are no easy missions, no crutches and an awful lot of getting shot at. In short, I’m a bit of a masochist when it comes to this game; I find desperate firefights and hopeless situations exciting and that’s what I hope to find here (though surviving occasionally would be nice!).

The requirements for joining don’t phase me (I own a hard copy of the TTP guide so it’ll be embarrassing really if I fail) and while I’m yet to join in a session from what I’ve heard on TS, member YouTube videos and what I’ve seen on this website I think that the play-style here will suit me down to the ground.

Looking forward to getting shot at with/by you!


Welcome Turpin,

I am sure you will find yourself in plenty of desperate firefights and situations wether planned or not, it seems to be where we like it here :).

And glad to have another Brit on board can never have enough Brits!


If you like being shit at just hang around Chris…

Being shit at? I’ve been through a lot of things in arma but not.once have I been "shit at".

Pro tip: make sure that when you do die a lot, it’s in ‘bad’ operations and not in the fun ones. I always feel terrible when everyone is talking about how " amazing this op was", and you’re standing there like "it was pretty quiet at base if anyone’s interested".

I know man maybe we should have some base attacks for guys :slight_smile:

Or you guys could do some JNCO administration while back on camp get some terminals set up in the office.

So we should have a VISCOM with Papers, Please running on it?


I’m sure the Germans have made Paperwork Simulater 2016 already.

You’ve found my fetish :d

Reserving slot "Battle Accountant"

Good introduction post. You’ll eat bullets, don’t worry about that. :slight_smile:

I have a bowl of bullets every morning for breakfast… without the milk :evil:

I can find a mod. Or texture.

Along with a proper past tense for the word - turns out it’s not that simple.

I can find a mod. Or texture.

Along with a proper past tense for the word - turns out it’s not that simple.[/quote]

I wasn’t using the past tense though.

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