Hey again!

Sup guys!

Yes it is me the… fabulous Dutchmen back from the high seas of real life responsibilities. Let me tell you my story!

My dad got sick back in March this year and with the recent healthcare changes we were caught in a tricky situation. My father was having issues with clogged arteries around the Aorta area which had a serious chance of shooting into his hart. And while being admitted to the hospital they discovered he also severed from a severe case of Sleep apnea(we never assumed it was this bad) which is caused by a collapse of the upper airway during sleep, which reduces airflow to the lungs. This can also cause serious damage if left untreated. Thankfully my current employer was very helpful and allowed me to do extra hours for weeks on end to help my mother with the incoming cost for surgeries and the expenses for a air pressure machine which regulates the air pressure in the upper nasal area to prevent the throat from locking during sleep.

My dad’s fine now and fully recovered and has taken up video games :slight_smile: he plays World of Warships all the time now when he’s not out on his own boat fishing. So now that everything OK again and I’m not stressing out over my bachelor degree anymore (for anybody dutch I got my "propedeuse" in the first year!!) I have way too much time left over again as next year will require minimum effort on my part. XD

So for anybody that does not know me I look forward to playing with you!
and everybody else I look forward to playing with you again!



Edit: Okay now that I’ve taken the time to read… Good job on helping your family, congrats on your propedeuse (it’s not easy if its your first time in college), and WELCOME BACK

I can’t remember you… but anyway… glad to have you back at CNTO :slight_smile: And glad everything seems to go well for you and your family!

Penis joke galore tomorow ?

Yesss!! Now our plans to dutchify the CNTO can resume!

Also welcome back old friend :smiley:


Welcome back Zero I’m looking forward to busting a cap or two with you soon!

(we’re already started Shiny)

Welcome back Zero!

Who is this guy?

The single best SOB you now know

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