Heroes of Might and Magic

Really good Humble Bundle if your into HOMAM. Check out the remake of HOMAM 3 and Dark messiah. I really enjoyed the original HOMAM 3.

[justify]HoMaM 3 was a fantastic game, I fondly remember hotseating it with four friends thousands of hours.

And we were freakin’ broke, that meant one tiny PC screen, one mouse & keyboard and literally one seat. That wasn’t just playing a game, this was exercise. xD

HoMaM 5 returned to 3s gameplay system and it was glorious. 5 is identical to 3s experience, but adds better graphics, better UI and more functionality. So unless you’re riding the nostalgia wave you’re better off buying 5 over 3.[/justify]

So it wasnt just me and my friends playing on one keyboard in the living room of my friend. Fun times. Ill definitly have a look at 5.

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