Hello World!

Hi everyone, I’m Alos (pronounced "Ah-loss")

I first started playing Arma in Arma 2 and I was hooked from there. I was introduced to the series by watching Dslycxi’s Shacktac videos on YT. I joined up with a small semi-serious milsim group who were fun to play with but they disbanded due to low membership. I lost interest in Arma until A3 came out. I’ve mostly only played singleplayer, though I have kept my skills sharp in the editor.

I’m 22, from Devon, England, UK. I am currently studying a university degree in IT/Business. My interests are Computer Games, LARP (Live-Action Role Play), DnD and other tabletop games, kayaking, hiking and travelling.

Send me a message or reply here :slight_smile:

D&D, eh? you’ll fit in nicely I think :slight_smile:

Video games, eh? You’ll fit in nicely I think :slight_smile:

But, Chris, he specifically said Computer Games. I don’t think we do too many of those here :wink:

Bad jokes, eh? I’ll fit in nicely I think :slight_smile:

Then you’re gonna love the 10 minutes before the op starts, it’s filled with bad jokes :smiley:

I hope you know à lot of d*** Jokes xD

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