Hello, my name is

Hi, I’m also one of the "chypsians" :smiley:

I just want 2 wish all the best 2 my old fellow players in this new clan.
If they play good - I take full credits, if they play bad - blame them entirely :slight_smile:
have fun, play fair and play hard

In a month or two Carpe Noctem will be like "mi smoozbiljni zajednica"

I hope google translate did it’s work correctly.

what http://puu.sh/ilXhE/2c32d2c963.png

Well thanks google…
It was supposed to mean "we are a serious community".

Yeah, Google is notorious for translating. "Mi smo ozbiljna zajednica" would be proper translation. Anyway, I don’t think more "chypsian" people will join, unless ths changes his mind. He would fit here perfectly but he is not 25 any more (just like me) and time is scarce.

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