Hello chaps!

Hey everybody. Should the repository ever finish downloading I shall hopefully meet you all in a mission some time soon.

A bit about myself. I’m a bloke, a dad, a gamer and a trombonist living in South Wales. English though. I have the twitch reflex of a corpse but smell slightly less bad, I think, so I’ll be a medic and you can have my bullets. Please refer to me in game as Daz, or whatever you prefer, within reason.

I’ve been a member of ‘Veritas Gaming’ for 4 years mostly playing BF4/3, R6 Siege, The Division and Insurgency. There is only a small Arma 3 representation within that community at the moment though it is starting to grow slowly due to Luetin who is a VG member and has started doing Zues streams and has been a YouTube contributor for a long time. Unfortunately, he insists on starting his stuff at 23:00 GMT or later which often means it concludes at 4 am. This leaves me with a wrinkled middle aged face with eyes like piss holes in the snow…

I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with you guys. Hoping for some structured, fun and rewarding gameplay. Have clocked up 300 hours on Arma 3 but mostly on my tod. Feel free to offer advice, help and skill.

Any questions?

Hello Daz,

Welcome to the community I hope your mods finish downloading soon and you get a chance to meet all the guys on an OP soon, I have played some of Luetin’s public streams and they are very late so totally get what you mean hopefully we will get you away by 2300 most nights :slight_smile:


Best Introduction ever :thumb: love that part!

Hope you will find what you’re looking for in this big family of crazy, but (sometimes) lovely people!

See you soon on the "March to glory and die on stairs - Battlefield"


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