Hellfire's weekend finds

Hi Community,

I have been spending my slow saturday morning surfing the interwebs and came upon some CTF maps for smaller teams. Not for the official event stream but, as there is always a demand for PvP action, for times outside the official calendar.

88th Co. CTF Map packs

I downloaded one of the packs and had a look on my local PC. The maps are prepared CTF missions, with buildings around the flag and a no mans land in the middle in a strict delimited zone, where instant death is the reward for trespassing the boundaries (marked by little flags). The load-outs are restricted to 5.56mm and 6.5mm vanilla Arma3 rifles and the optics are Holo and ACO. No mods required.
2 packs are for 12v12 matches with 4 observers slots (Might be the same ones in different versions). And 1 pack is a tournament pack for 6v6 matches with also 4 observers slots. I guess some maps overlap over the different packs, but I didn’t verify.

It seems that last year the editing clan organized a international tournament with that map pack :
88th Co. CTF Tournament

Next to DTAS, Airsoft and Miniops, EUTW and Breaking Point, may be another fun way to hook up with your CNTO mates.

Have an excellent weekend .


aaaaaaaaa such a build up!!

give us the info

I think you failed a little, wanna try again? :stuck_out_tongue:

You seem to be missing a few things from your post, Hellfire.

Haha, i knew while editing the missing part, that there would be replies flying :slight_smile: . Never hit return while inserting a link instead of the button ‘insert link’ ?


We need to testing if the maps are working with our mod set and if its a yes then I fully support it.
The real question is how many people are going to play on it. The other maps that are on the server havent been played in a while as far as I know.

Hey Hellfire,

Looks cool I would be down to play.

I’d like to make it clear that I shared this, so that, we , the members, can host a game on our own by the means we have at our disposal. There is no intention to put any burden on our officials, as they’re already busy enough running the regular stuff.

I had a closer look at the maps. The 3 packs are the same, so only the latest version is useful. I would say it’s good for instant fun, but also a good training for the CQB phase of PVP, as the maps provide plenty of buildings and cover around the flag.
Besides regular minimal load-out, each team has a crate with one GL Rifle and one Marksmen rifle, which are only available once in a match.

I hope I can jump in TS over the Sunday and then I’ll try to host, I hope my PC can handle a few players.

Don’t worry Hellfire, I didn’t understand you any differently.

If you’d be up for organising some stuff, I’ll definitely join. Consider we have an NCO meeting today at 20h CEST.