Just got myself HELLDIVERS™

Come bash few alien heads with me !

I nearly bought this today but it reminds me too much of Forced? Or was it Gauntlet? Basically it reminds me of $20 games that I play for about 3 hours and never load again. :x

It’s by the people who did Magicka and I’m tempted by it, but I just don’t have the cash to splash on something like this.


Reminds me of (free) Alien Swarm - I even had a map pack for it somewhere, would recommend we get that a spin, it gets incredibly tense at times, especially once you get to the maps with parasites.


(if you don’t remember, it was Valve’s promotional game when they launched Steam)

No money to buy new games :frowning:

Yeah Freghar actually a really nice free game … if we find 4 players we can give it a try!

I’ve finished all of them in Brutal Onslaught Hardcore difficulty :slight_smile:
Speaking of tense moment :smiley:
Alien’s swarm is awesome :slight_smile:

[justify]Played a couple of hours yesterday with Tiloup and one of his mates. It’s very similar to games like Dead Nation and other twin stick, top-down shooters. The gameplay is very solid and extremely enjoyable, especially when playing on harder difficulty levels. Unlike Magicka it is way more focused on cooperation instead of killing each other "by accident". The harder difficulty one chooses, the more start gear / perks choices matter, which is very rewarding to assign specialised roles to each Measured Democracy Bringer. Unlike Dead Nation and similar titles this game features three enemy factions to battle, so far I’ve only fought space bugs and robots - but tactics and equipment required to defeat them were quite different which is great to change up the pace during longer play sessions.

I’ve noticed only a few things which bothered me so far:

  • you have to play in "borderless window mode", "full screen" never sticks.

  • the UI is a bit too large for my taste, but like the above, that’s a console port legacy which is to be expected.

  • the DLC choices made by the developer reeks of chopped-up content. If you really want the "full" experience you kinda have to buy the special edition which includes all the DLC packages. Otherwise you’ll be missing out on a lot of customisation and gear options in the game. However, this is nothing new from the devs of Magicka.[/justify]

Have to share a nice moment we had this night !


Man, this game can be so tense at times. xD

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