Have you guys seen this?


Angels Fall First? Yep played it back in the day when it was still just a mod with 2 maps and it still was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to play the standalone version as well. They added lots of cool things.

First time i see this. Looks… weird.
Don’t know what to think about it. It sounds like a extremely potent game with lots of content, but quality of it is in question and how well it interconnects and plays.

Game is 18 Euro on Steam, got generaly positive reviews (77%).

Compared often to SW:BF2.

Looks like it might requre a hefty bit of cooperation to do it properly…

Maybe. I picked it up if anyone is interested!

The fps combat is still a little clunky and unpolished, but I like it. Gave me an idea for an arma 3 mission at any rate, but we’d have to use vanilla fighters

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