Happy halloween to all Owls !

Disclaimer : DO NOT post pictures of your slutty costume here, no one is interested :).

Have fun and do not eat to much treats lads.

But I bought a "hello kitty" skirt and everything… :frowning:

Are you sure, Tiloup?

looks at his own Hello Kitty skirt Goddamn it, one of us is going to have to change.

walks in proudly in his new shiny Hello Kitty skirt


ARE YOU GUYS FUCKING KIDDING ME?! This is why we need costume committees! :furious:


Shiny and chrome to the gates of Valhalla?

Why do you keep calling me ?!
Anyways this was my day/night : Party at 1 PM to 5 AM with lots of booze, music and girls. Cant wait till next year !

We’ll add it to the agenda.

Aftermovie thingy