Had enough!

Just thought I would let you guys know I’ve been doing nothing but casualty extractions, vehicle contact drills and CBRN for 2 days straight now and I was like woah haven’t I done this enough with CNTO already :-d

Ration Pack still sealed for you Eistee just hope it survives for 2 weeks :thumb:


Your´e the Best!!

Which vehicle are you using/driving?

Just using land rovers at the minute mate.

Famed for being air-tight. Sounds like it must have been fun in the masks

I miss those rat packs, do you still get the yorkie bars in them?

Yorkie chocolate is so disappointing. It looks great and then tastes like cheap easter eggs.

Na not anymore used to get the ones that’s said no civvies allowed, they are a bit nicer these days.

Raisin & Biscuit Yorkies are nectar of the gods.