Guns of Icarus

Who wants to join me on the good ship "Noctem" and kill some fools one of these days? It could even be today.

I haven’t played in a while, but I was once quite the deadly pilot.

EDIT: its also on sale too

Picked this one up too, reminds me of project nomads 2, I loved that game.

Hit me up if you ever want to go. I’ve been shaking the rust off on me piloting.

the game looks like fun, il give it a try

When my laptop arrives - i’ll be glad to roam the skies, and make our foes burn!

Its great if you have a crew to fly with :slight_smile: This and AirBuccaneers are good steampunk-blimp-fighters.

That is true.
We should have an all out internal war.
Squad against Squad.

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