Guerrillas/Freedom Fighters

For the most part we play as a professional modern army, and occasionally a PMC group. I think it would be interesting to play as freedom fighters for a change. Fighting against a foe with superior resources and equipment, launching daring raids against their bases and relocating and hiding in the hills, forests and caves of altis, cherno and takistan from the AAF, Russians and Takistani government forces.

Countering special forces and their night vision with flares to light up the night, Stealing scopes, weapons, vehicles and equipment, striking fast and hard and leaving quickly with everything that can be carried. Utilizing their weapons against them or destroying them enmasse. Ambushing convoys and siezing their supplies of fuel, ammo and medical supplies, vital for your refugees and fighters. Hiding amongst the civilians as spotters and cells ready to gear up and take the fight to the enemy at a moment’s notice.

This would be an ideal setting for large scale long PVP as well, or a mix of PVP and PVE.

I have several basic mission idea templates

-Team A attacks outpost and creates noise and confusion and extract.

-Team B and C waits for garrison to leave main base and attacks.

-Team B and C load everything they can into civilian trucks and dissapear before enemy can react.

-Scouts monitor convoy and give early warning to Team A and B who have set up an ambush.

-Team B waits for convoy to pass, hiden from view.

-Team A further down the road waits for convoy lead and destroys or stops first vehicle.

-Team B hits the back of the convoy and closes them in the valley.

-Team A and B defeat enemy and steal trucks and supplies.
-Team C attacks base as garrison is re-routed to support the convoy.

-Rebel base (location such as factory or camp in the woods) is compromised.

-You must relocate and scatter, regrouping at another location, and take everything you can carry in the available trucks, ATVs and backpacks, whilst being hunted by spec ops.

-An every man for himself style mission where everyone splits into small teams and sneaks past enemy camps, steals vehicles and makes it to the regroup point one way or another.

-Everyone has a limited time to reach the location.

I’m not sure how to make equipment carry over from mission to mission other than keeping tabs on everyone’s inventory and the inventory of bags and containers at base or in vehicles.

Honestly I think playing missions like this will make people better appreciate the equipment they have and improvise and use whatever they have on hand with greater efficiency. It also might encourage them to scavenge a bit more, off of their slain comrades or the enemy for ammo, medical supplies, explosives etc all of which will be scarce.

The starting equipment will be very basic, some pistols, a few rifles, a few smgs, no scopes or optics, no night vision, a few torches, glowsticks, flares and grenades, very few magazines, some basic belt webbing, scarves,
no radios initially, no gps a few compasses and watches, a few pairs of basic binoculars, a few maps. Two ATVs and 1 Civilian pickup truck.

As we play more and more missions we will secure indirect aid from foreign powers, such as a shipment of AK74s and magazines, better webbing and extra medical supplies. Also technicals, extra civilian vehicles and more standardized gear. Everyone should have a rifle at least by the end of the first mission looted from the enemy.

I hope this is something everyone would enjoy. The progression and satisfaction from stealing sophisticated hardware from the enemy and using it against them is really good. Games where loot or any sort of progression is the focus are really popular for good reason.

I like this idea for PvP. However I am pretty sure that this would be almost impossible to do in coop missions, due to AIs fucking up, people looking for corpses instead of the living and crappy communication.

I think this would be a fun experience every now and then. If not to just value the good things the US and SF armies have for us. :slight_smile: Actually now that I think of it, it could force us to think out-of-the-box and expand our creativity.

[justify]We’ve done a mission back in the early days as militias and it was fun until the template broke. I’ll look into this again to possibly fix it as soon as I can, but definitely not before my vacation starts 1st - 12th of April. Already got tons of CNTO projects I got to take care off during my vacation so this will have rather low priority all in all.[/justify]