Green Hell: Punitive Action and Ghosts

Please leave your feedback, what you liked what you didn’t like, cool moments etc

I’m never a fan of using vehicles in Arma because they slow the platoon down to the pace of the slowest person to enter the last vehicle, making everyone wait and ruining the flow. So I greatly enjoyed not having to bother with vehicles tonight (apart from that incident at the start of the first OP).

The poor visibility and rough terrain in combination with the thoughtful maneuvering pace perfectly matched our communication capabilities and reaction to contact. I loved seeing how well everyone was moving and supporting each-other.

I felt that our team was being engaged often enough to keep the tension high, but not so much that it ever felt overwhelming (until the extraction, which also was great). Really fine balance of AI units.

Had a lot of fun on this OP, hope to see more like it.

Lots of fun in these two missions. One suggestion is to be very careful of placing traps near roads because it seems that something other than rubber banding crashes took out vehicles at the beginning and slowed us down which led to us taking too long on the first mission from no fault of the players. Also if you as zeus have a slow connection please try and off load units to the headless client. Rubber banding occurred throughout the mission at a regular interval.

No traps haha, that was all rubber banding and arma shenanigans. how do you offload units to headless client?

It’s done automatically