Green Hell Defiant Turtle + Overall Campaign feedback and war stories

It was hellish to GM. Hope you enjoyed the campaign nontheless

A fun setting and interesting missions. Two things would have made it even better. First, clear objectives that we can plan for and come up with our own solutions for. Trying to manage the mission as zeus from one moment to another to create a story is rarely as fun for players as giving them a sandbox with goals. Secondly, try understanding what your mission will actually be like for players. Making a mission should involve actually trying to move around in the terrain you plan them to move around in, at the time the mission is set and with the equipment they will be given. For example if a mission involves moving around in the dark, in a jungle, and that is impossible, then come up with some solution for them. If solutions require equipment then make VERY sure they have that equipment. If solutions involves you telling them something (like travelling by a road) make it VERY clear. A long flavour filled briefing makes it easy to miss important information. If players miss something in the briefing or they cannot find equipment or you have to keep adding extra equipment in the mission then basically that is a flaw in your mission. Anyway this feedback is in no way directed only at this campaign. These problems can occur in anyone’s missions and do frequently. I am all in favour of a fun setting and a bit of roleplaying, except where it has obviously taken time away from testing a mission and thinking about how the players experience can be made more fun.