Give Away: Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder Pedals

Hey y’all

I’m a big believer in giving stuff away instead of just throwing them out whenever I upgrade gear. Almost a year ago I upgraded my rudder pedals to MFG Crosswinds after using my previous Saitek pedals for ca. five years. At first, I thought the Saitek was broken but I did discover later on that I simply had to reset the on-board hardware driver and they worked again without a hitch.

For the past six months, a friend of mine borrowed them but he now installed his own racing chair setup and no longer needs them.

Thus if anyone in the community would like a used, but still robust set of rudder pedals to dip their toes into flying or driving with pedals without having to buy a new set at full price I’d ship it to them. I’d ask that you cover the shipping costs (ca. 30-40 bucks) but otherwise they are free of charge. Originally I purchased these for 160 bucks in 2015.



These were the last pedals made by Saitek before the company was acquired by Logitech - the pedals and footplate are made out of metal which is one of the reasons why they are still working after all these years of continuous use. Logitech switched to mostly plastic components for the successor pedals.

Send me a PM via Discord or the website if you’re interested - first come first serve!

A bit late but I just wanted to post this here because I did get another PM about it: the pedals have been sent out to [user avatar=“” name=“Garf”]16274568[/user] and thus are no longer available.