Get on my level:

But not really…I wish the Metric system was taught in the US…Even though I know it from military stuff, it still makes me pause when you guys talk about temperature. Haha.


The imperial system is just one great big pile of shit. It’s more or less gone, even in the uk, except for out roadsigns that are still miles and miles per hour.

That’s the thing crashing our space toys!

[quote user_id=“13633351” avatar=“” name=“Freghar”]That’s the thing crashing our space toys![/quote]
I remember that happening!

I love it when they start with the volumes. I can sort of transfer feet, inches, yards, miles, at least doing a rough calculus in my head, but volumes…no way…

The fluid ounce is a bullshit measurement.

God, don’t get me started on that crap. Haha.

The only American measurement ‘quirk’ that I can say I like better is using travel time instead of distance when someone asks how far away a place is…haha.

Hahaha. Fuckin’ perfect.