Gaming Advice

Hey, I am looking to slightly improve my setup, mainly by obtaining a new:

  1. Keyboard
  2. Headset.

My idea is to buy:

  1. Logitech G103 or A4Tech B254.
  2. Creative Tactic 3D Sigma (was considering Rage wireless, but they change your system volume).

Any opinion is welcome :slight_smile:

  1. keyboard - something more classic (IBM PC keyboard like) with switches, or something fancy (lots of multimedia keys)?
  2. headset - Need new Headset


  1. Currently Im using like very cheap one, with few multimedia buttons. I was thinking about some additional buttons, for macros and such. Not a necessity, but an option. :slight_smile:
  2. Thanks. I would like to spend <150$ on headset/headphones + mic.

You can make macros with AutoHotKey I’d that’s what you need.

Keyboards are mostly hype. I’ve had 4 different mechanical keyboards and as nice and premium as they are, a 10 dollar Logitech board gave me the same performance. Don’t expect amazing 360noscope headshots. Also be aware that it might become an addiction (check out /r/mechanicalkeyboard on Reddit, at your own risk!)

For headphones I always recommend the Sony MDR7506. At their 80-100 dollars price, they have no competition even to about 200. Squeezing in a min, I’m not sure, that’s out of my area of expertise. Lots of people like the Antlion ModMic at around 50 dollars, which you can magnetize to any pair of headphones. One thing to note is that this mic is only compatible with some specific sound cards so please check if yours is before purchasing.

  1. for keyboard, any clean working keyboard will do so the "feel" factor and size would be key for choosing the right one. as a mechanical keyboard user, i obviously recommend mechanical keyboard :slight_smile: as from my experience they are most satisfying to use. than again, as bull said, it can evolve into addiction [guilty].
  2. as for headset, if you decide to go for headphone + modmic, as headphone i have to recommend Superlux HD668-b as they are cheapest great headphones i ever used[yea that sentence sounds a bit weird, unlike the headphones]. as opposed to bull’s recommendation, these are open so the soundstage is wider and they are not bass heavy[explosions still enjoyable]. also, they have the best detachable cable i’ve seen on headphones, it saved mine several times. tho i have to warn you about horrible earpads on them. good that they are compatible with akg k240 :slight_smile: with these velour earpads they are really comfortable. it brings the total price to around 60 euros but they feel and sound like if they cost over 100eur

Hey John,

I have and can really recommend the following they are really quality products the only thing I would say is get the wired version of the headsets if you have a lot of wireless connected devices in your house as they will interfere with wireless that runs on 2.4GHz mines ok because I switch that off and just use my routers 5GHz but something to think about.

Cosair K70 Keyboard
Corsair M65 Mouse
Corsair H1500 Headset
Logitech G930

Also wired versions are cheaper :slight_smile:

My set up.
Keyboard: G710+ Logitech
Headset: Turtle Beach 22px (I have the CoD:Ghost edition)
Mouse: Razer DeathAdder 2013

I’ve some cheap gear:

Sharkoon SkillerPro

Creative Fatal1ty

Sharkoon Fireglider

But I like it

Also, don’t underestimate the factor of familiarity - anything unfamiliar might seem inferior for some time. As such, if you’re used to a low profile keyboard, either get a low profile keyboard or expect some discomfort in the first days (weeks).
Same with headphones/speakers and frequencies - being used to bass-heavy headphones (whatever that means on the mainstream market, hehe) will make you hate the Superlux HD668-b (or any AKG headphones in general) … for some time.

edit: oh yes, and Analysis paralysis - Wikipedia :slight_smile:

As has been said above, stick with wired configurations if you can, wireless gives you a small amount of latency which can be unhelpful in certain situations. The headset I use is Steelseries Sibera v2. I’ve used this headset for about 3 years now and it’s probably the best headset I’ve ever used. :slight_smile: