Game of throne, Iron from Ice. Monsieur Tiloup reaction.

As you may suppose, I just played the last telltale game.
These are the guys who have made the famous Walking Dead games and the Wolf Among Us Series.
This game, first of six chapter set you in the Games of throne universe.
The Story place you right before the end of the Season3 (TvShow), and you have play differant character linked
to the House Forrester.
The game is around 2 hours long (Note that your choises through the game will change the outcomes,
and that’s why I played it twice ^^).
I realy did enjoyed every minutes of it, on top of that the soundtrack was a pleasure, but what surprise me the most was the ‘‘Art-Desing’’ around this title. Sometime you just want to pause and admire what you got on your screen, the game have these moment. [spoiler=][/spoiler]

I recommend it to every Game of Throne fans, since that’s a whole new face of the universe you discover.
(Not sure if those are even covered by the books, i’ll grab mines and tell you guys laters on)
Note that you don’t have to have seen the serie or even read the books to enjoy the game.
You can get this game here(Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series on Steam) or weight the anchor as we say.
We only wish that could be longer.

28 euros for 2 hours of gameplay?! Im gonna have to say NOPE

Isn’t it just the first chapter? Don’t you get one per month like you did in the walking dead and the fairytale one?

Seeing the price tag I believe you buy the WHOLE season (of 6 episodes) at once. So, in theory, you would have 12 hours of play by the end of it. Perhaps 20 if you replay it.

[justify]Whether or not this game is worth the price tag really depends on how much you are into narrative driven games. One thing is for sure, the game offers a ton of voice acting and writing that you simply won’t see during your first play-through (there’s usually for each conversation response 3-4 options which often spawn sub branches). When it comes to bang for your buck Telltales has so far not dissappointed with Walking Dead Season 1 + 2 and Wolf Among Us.

But the great thing about Telltales is that they are very quickly on the Steam sales, so the reasonable price of 28 Euros will drop soon to 15 or 10. I always grab them on the sales not only for saving money but also because by then all episodes of one season are released and I can play the entire game in one sitting.[/justify]

I Hope Telltale will do a new Sam & Max Season

That would be AWESOME Eistee!!

Yeah, love telltale games, Puzzle Agent was cool, Sam&Max are great and The Walking Dead got me crying :smiley:
Recently I’ve discovered all of recent TT games (TWD, Wolf Among Us, GoT) are also on Andoroid and iOS devices. In most of them you get to play a part of a chapter or a full chapter before you need to pay for others. Unfortunately owning the games on steam doesn’t make you own them on your phone/tablet device, so you need to buy them again.
Either way - playing such great games at fingertips is a sweet option :slight_smile:

Just a bump to tell you guys that it is 25% off on steam as per the holiday sale.