G2A Goldmine


This program could be a great addition to the donations, as a gaming community is perfect for this program.

Basically what it does, is that it gives you a reflink, and whenever someone clicks on that to go to the G2A store, you get a small fee if that person buys a game. G2A’s explanation is a hundred times better than mine, so please read that Clarke :smiley:

Step 1: Tell your friends
Step 2: …
Step 3: Profit

My question is of another nature but it’s about G2A. Do you guys buy steam keys at G2A ? I just saw unbeatable prices when you have the urge to buy a game outside steam sales. Is it totally reliable?



It is ! Make sure you pay the extra for the shield. That gives you Total protection :slight_smile:

I have used G2A countless times in the past and saved easily 50-80% on most games. keep an eye out for the occasional bargain listed on the G2A market which I believe may be posted by individuals. Always use the shield better safe than sorry.

I’ve bought a few games there, no problems at all. Never used the shield as I’m a cheap bastard. Probably will start when I get burned :slight_smile: