Funny CNTO captions

Have you ever watched any CNTO videos with Captions on?
If you haven’t…do so…it can get hilarious.

Here’s a cap from Run for the Hills…apparently Kaleo is on the Verge of something…

Well there is this :smiley:

"They were with me. Alpha Squad Lead to all call signs."

"Negative on this, we’re saving the rockets. We’ve got five."

And thats just first 6 mins of the Liquid Terminator vid.

Oh my goodness, this is a gem! :slight_smile:

"Are we being engaged from the back?"

Hahaha, perfect!

Sometimes when I have CC on and someone shots it captions it "That"

I guess my english really sucks haha.

Real captions would be very nice to compare it with. Some of these are really good, for twitter or reddit or w/e.

Laughing my ass off… I was on the verge of something alright, but I won’t tell you what :wink:

[quote user_id=“1421263” avatar=“” name=“Obi”]


"Call Donald" should be our codeword for calling in air/tank support.

"Fuck! There’s an entire tank platoon coming towards us! CALL DONALD!!!"

Or call Dolan…

Dolan pls.

It must be illegal to laugh as much as I did with this thread xD

I discovered this thread thanks to [user avatar=“” name=“Xerses”]606558[/user] , this is pure gold. Do not read this at work, colleagues will think you’re nuts.

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