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Hi Carpe Noctem,

We are from, which is a game server hosting company. The past year we’ve developed a service that enables gamers to rent gameservers on both a monthly as well as on hourly basis. Hourly gameservers are ideal for clan matches or when you want to game for a short amount of time with your friends on your own game server. We’ve also developed our own control panel, which is fully responsive and therefore works excellent on mobile phones or tablets.

So, why are we contacting you?

We need an active and serious clan to properly test our developed service. Hence, we’ve selected you to use one of our (public) game servers free of charge for a month straight. During this month you can use all the functionalities we have to offer. For this, we expect the following in return:

• Feedback about our service: what works well and what does not work well? We will provide you with a list of questions you need to answer. With your feedback, we can further improve our services.
• A news post about on your channels (website, forum, social media, etc.). News post should consist of a short introduction of our company and that your clan has been selected to test our high quality game servers. We will provide you with a sample of what the news post should look like.

That’s it! Also, when we think the collaboration between us goes well – in the sense that you provide us really useful feedback and actively promote our services to the ARMA community – we are open to extend your free of charge game server for a couple of months.

If you are interested, please let us know and we can discuss our partnership in more detail. For more information about us, see Looking forward to your response.

Best regards, ([email protected])


We will discuss your offer within the community management group and contact you via PM if we decide to take you up on it.

Thank you for contacting us with your detailed description of the service and what you expect in return.

Kind regards


Hi Clarke,

Thank you for the quick reply. If there are any further questions, please let us know as we are very open to your feedback. Looking forward to your message.

Kind regards,