Anyone playing Foxhole? Looks right up my alley (That alley is called 'Games where you coordinate with a large number of other players, and there’s lots of different kinds of role to fill… street) but I’d like some opinions, and to find out if anyone else is actually playing it before I drop the £15.

I played the game for abou 35 hours. Its a great game but its not a great game to play alone. You can find people there but its better to already start with one or two. About the game itself, i really enjoyed my time there, you can do what ever you feel like:
Feel like some shooty shooty bang bang? - Then get a rifle and go to the front line!
Feel like some chilled ressource farming? - Get a car and get on mining and producing weapons for the fight!
Feel like just chatting to people? - Get a car and become a dedicated driver to bring people from the home town to the front line.

The game is also still being updated a lot. They just released naval "combat". So you now have more options to move around the map and flank the enemy. All in all i would recomend the game. Had tons of fun in it and if we find some more i sure will play it again.

really like the concept of the game, but I heard as a loner there isn’t much you can accomplish. Is that true? Is it basically Battlefield 3 all over again where 2 teams stand on opposing ends of a whatever and randomly throw nades/shoot at the other team?

I was intrigued by this, too. I’d be up for it, if we can get a group together.

Yeah i would say so. As a loner you can’t really accomplish anything. You can go mining but thats about it. You could also just team up with randoms :stuck_out_tongue:

That will happen when the frontlines colliede and just grind endlessly into each other in the beginning of the game. Later that problem is broken by sending in armor which will eventually break the tie for one side. When it happens early on i tend to just move to another frontline that is less crowded.

Bought it. Looking forward to play.

I, too, now own it.

Alright, I bought it too. If any of you don’t already have me in your steam friends list, here I am:

Bought the game as well. It’s on sale now. It’s really good. Anyone up for planning an event and playing together?

Got it today, 30% off on humble store!
Ends in 2-3 hours.

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