For fun competition: Race for the Wool! Minecraft


As some of you may have read, I want to bring some friendly competitions back into our community.
My third iteration is a competitive game of Race for the Wool in Minecraft.

We will split up in to 2 teams and fight to get all the wool in our lane first. Team that has all the wool on their side first, wins! If you do not know what this game mode is or want more info, check the video.

Sign in by replying to this thread and setting yourself as attending on the event url=[/url]
Make sure you can make the date.
Make sure you are available for 3 hours on said date.
Bring your competitive spirit.
Bring Salt.
Have fun.

When will this be hosted?
09/26/2020 at 2000 CEST. When our OPs normally start.

What can you win?
The winning team gets to pick one game off of this list here –> Clicky clicky!

More than keen for this Shiny! :thumb: