For fun competition: GTA tournament

As some of you may have read, I want to bring some friendly competitions back into our community.
My second iteration is a competitive race playlist of GTA 5.

We will have a 12 race playlist event where we will test all possible aspects. Not only will your driving skills matter, we will also have events with action, maneuverability and patience.
I created a playlist and we will be playing this in one go. The total play time will be around 3 hours.

Sign in by replying to this thread and setting yourself as attending on the event url=[/url]
Make sure you can make the date.
Make sure you are available for 3 hours on said date.
Bring your competitive spirit.
Bring Salt.
Have fun.

When will this be hosted?
04/12/2020 at 1900 CET. 1 hour before our OPs normally start.

What can you win?
The top 3 at the end of the playlist gets to pick one game off of this list here –> Clicky clicky!