Faces of War arma 3 ww2 mod


What you reckon? its got more factions than iron front. You can play as the Limeys, the Canucks and the Tojos in adition to the Fritz, the Yanks and the Ruskies


Once (if) that gets developed further that could be interesting. As is it’s extremely limited, no weapon animations, etc.
Would like to see a decent ww2 mod, but for now, I think I will just have to be patient.

There is an ongoing organized PvP event atm. Battle for monte casino. Based on the first op it wasn´t very well handled organization and realism-wise, lots of bugs etc, but there is a really good collection of mods they use. (though the collection is severely lacking in UK forces)

Workshop collection: Steam Community :: Error

In addition to that you also need some google drive mods, one of which is FoW:

(the TFAR can be left out)