F3 Framework

Hey guys,

I just found something awesome, last week F3 Framework got an update with lots of much needed fixes (such as the underwater audio bug in spectator mode) as well as new amazing features such as F3 loadouts for AI! And most importantly there is finally an AI Skill support for Zeus!!

This will however force me once again to go over the entire template and create v9 from scratch as many core scripts have been changed.


Added F3 Assign Gear AI component:

  • Loops through present or selection of AI and re-equips them with corresponding F3 gear.

Updated Loading Screen component:

  • Added entry for overviewPicture and default logo.
  • Changed default logos for loadScreen and overviewPicture to JPEG.

Updated F3 Briefing Template component:

  • Increased font size of headlines for better readability.

Updated F3 Folk ARPS Assign Gear Script component:

  • Loadout setting can now be over-written on a per unit-type basis.
  • Optional faction input is now always lowered.

Updated F3 Spectator Script component:

  • Reduced performance impact of tags.
  • Fixed issues with JIP players.
  • Fixed issue where TFR spectators sound as if they are underwater.
  • Fixed tag colors.

Updated Radio Systems Support component:

  • ACRE2: Improved frequency assignment.

Updated Medical Systems Support component:

  • SWS: various fixes.
  • AGM: improved item-converter and re-balanced item assignment.

Updated AI Skill Selector component:

  • Tweaked default skill levels: medium and low slightly better.
  • Tweaked default skillSet: non-aiming skills higher by default.
  • Merged randomUp and randomDown into one variable.
  • Improved impact on network traffic: only sets skill where unit is local
  • fn_setAISkill can now be called with only the unit as argument

Updated F3 PreMount component:

  • Only ignores vehicles if locked state is exactly 2.

Updated F3 Zeus Support:

  • fn_zeusInit automatically detects if F3 AI Skill Selector component is active and uses it on new units.

Updated AI Caching component:

  • New variables fvarcacheRun and fvarcacheSleep to easier control component behavior during runtime.
  • Can now pass aggressiveness directly to ffncgCache as optional param to override global value.

Fixed AI Caching component:

  • Infantry would not disable simulation properly on aggressiveness 1 and 2.

Fixed ORBAT Notes and Name Tags components:

  • Fixed issue where the number of cargo seats in a vehicle would not be calculated correctly.

Fixed F3 Mission Conditions Selector:

  • Default overcast values would occasionally cause rain.[/quote]

[justify]F3 Framework received an update this weekend. I’ll be working on a new template soon.

Here’s the changelog:[/justify]

[quote][justify]3-3-0 | 25 APR 2015

Updated Admin Briefing component:

  • New: Allows control of safe start component.
  • Restructured Zeus options (less clutter).

Updated Assign AI Gear component:

  • New variable: _defaultclass (applied to unit if no corresponding class was found).
  • Added designated marksman type.

Updated AI Caching component:

  • Fixed: Uncaching would sometimes place group members too high.

Updated AI Skill Selector component:

  • Now exclusively server-side.
  • Re-adjusted skill levels: "high" is slightly easier, "low" more difficult.
  • Changed comments deactivating F3 SetAISkill parameter in description.ext to comment-blocks for convenience.
  • No longer sets skill for "endurance" as it’s not supported in A3.
  • Reduced random range to +/- 0.08.
  • Increased initial sleep to 2 seconds, removed unnecessary sleeps elsewhere.

Updated Briefing Template component:

  • Removed scripted task examples (in-editor module feature preferable).
  • Added briefing for dedicated Zeus.

Updated F3 Folk ARPS Assign Gear component:

  • Changed primary weapon for CSAT "ar" to Zafir.
  • New gear type: "dm" (designated marksman) for all factions with corresponding kit.
  • Added bipods to all factons (given to "ar", "mmgg" and "sn" by default).
  • "hatg" now uses mobile Titan launcher.
  • Equipped all "mmgg" with the new DLC MMGs. Old MMGs classnames are commented out in the assign gear file.
  • Changed CSAT vests: new medium is TacVest Khaki

Updated F3 Folk ARPS Platoons component:

  • Changed placement of platoons to better support smaller maps.
  • Updated ranks of AAF CO, DC and SLs to match other factions.

Updated F3 Spectator Script component:

  • Identified and fixed possible sFPS issue.
  • Improved Freecam handling.
  • Added mute key (P) for spectator.

Updated Join Group Action component:

  • Action appears/disappears with less "lag".
  • No more action spam in certain situations (e.g. entering a vehicle).

Updated Name Tags component:

  • Shows tag for unit under cursorTarget in 28m (modifiable), always shows tags for units within 10m (modifiable). Latter can be toggled off in briefing menu.
  • Moved all related global variables from init.sqf into f_nametags.sqf
  • Tweaked visuals (smaller default font, colors etc.).
  • Name tags are now automatically activated if component is enabled.
  • Improved tags for units in vehicles: recognizes non-specialist crew and pilots, only shows effective commander on distance to avoid clutter.

Updated ORBAT Notes component:

  • Better distinction between crew roles.

Updated Radio Systems Support component (ACRE2):

  • Updated to the latest API (removing un-neccesary code).
  • Adds support for the newer radios.
  • Checks if players have enough free inventory space for radios and provides an action if not.
  • Hotfix for acre_api_fnc_isInitialized ignoring itemRadio.

Updated Safe Start component:

  • New: Player vehicles can’t be damaged until safe start is done.
  • f_safety.sqf is now a function (f_fnc_safety).

Updated Zeus Support component:

  • Zeus assigned using f_fnc_zeusInit automatically applies AI Skill Selector values to created units if latter component is enabled.
  • Streamlined Zeus Support in Admin Briefing component.[/justify][/quote]