Hey guys, I found a program that will ease your eyes while playing games at night. Its called F.lux and basicly what it does it change around the colours so that it fits the time of the day. I’ve been using it for a week now and once you get used to the orangey tint at night you dont even notice its there and your eyes will not burn so much from all the bright white/yellow on pages and in games. It also adds the option to "dim" your screen just as laptops have.
Try it out and let me know what you think : Thank you for installing f.lux

Does this help insomnia from watching at your screen late at night aswell?

Oh we got some people with good software here!
Love F.lux, already using it for years now.
Both with my chair, and my ergonomic keyboard and mouse, a must have for any computer geek i’d say!

It really helped me with headaches which I got from late gaming and programming, Few years back I didn’t care about any of these things, but since I once got RSI, I really realised it was important to counter that as much as possible!

Alot of people don’t know of F.lux, and get those stupid glasses, which I feel really stupid to wear.
''Whats wrong with your screen, why is it orange?" is the question you’ll get alot, but that’s exactly a good starter to convince people to also use it, just because it’s awesome and really works.

Never had any issue over 20 years of staring at a monitor for 6-16 hours a day. Sounds like a gimmick/placebo, but hey, if it works for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

[justify]Whether you use Gunnar glasses or F.lux both have been proven to help people with light sensitivity issues or who tend to have migranes very often. Not everyone will have the same benefits, some people won’t notice any at all. F.lux is pretty cool because it lets you test the effect for free.

I have used both in the past and I did notice less eye strain especially at night. I have quite "dry" eyes, that’s why I can’t wear contacts, with Gunnars and F.lux I’ve noticed a lot less irritation if I play all night sessions.[/justify]

I’ve been testing with this for the last month, for science.

I notice that my endurance (sitting in front of a PC all night long) is not as good as it used to be, I tend to almost-fall-asleep in front of the PC much earlier than usual. I consider this a good thing because I often stayed up until morning.

Last week I started having some eye fatigue/itchiness but it’s probably just be spring allergies.

Depends on your monitor, what matters is the dimming and if your monitor itself doesn’t dim enough then Flux won’t help much. I don’t know what programs you’d want for the additional functions for PC but for the phone I use Twilight which has color tweak and screen dim functions.

Ive been using it since i posted it and ive been falling asleep earlier aswell. Which is really good and for that i Will keep using the software :slight_smile: Quite happy with it.

Cheers for the post Shiny,

Will have to check it out for myself.