Experiment with UAV support?

I suggest we experiment with using the mini helicopter UAV. I imagine it would be useful for the command element to be able to use it to guide fire teams through an AO and give them some warning of nearby forces, especially in wooded areas. Naturally it would be boring to have it for every mission and I cannot remember if this UAV has thermal sights but if it does then I think they can be removed though an init line.

Personally, I don’t like this idea.

Here’s why: A UAV detaches the experience, and provides ‘easy’ birds eye view of an area, rather than forcing a commander to work with the knowledge he has. Instead, he’ll know everything if he knows what he’s doing with the UAV.

Additionally, it is essentially unusable outside of a holding position, as the UAV pilot I assume cannot control his human character at the same time. Everyone has to stay back, or risk segregating the unit.

Lastly: Is this really any addition beyond a convenience? What does it add in terms of more fun gameplay? I just don’t see it.

Thanks for the thoughts Kaleo. I tried it out on Chernarus looking for enemy squads, placed randomly and moving, to see if I could find them and when they could shoot me down. From my little test I now agree more with your first point, mostly because of the same reasons we do not use scopes. Although I think its use does not really take the operator out of action for very long if used properly. Anyway after thinking about it more:

Can provide a local and simple means of scouting as a substitute for helicopter scouting.
Roughly only 20mins total flight time. Limits use to a realistic level.
init line "this disableTIEquipment true;" allows IR and thermal to be disabled if placed as an assembled blufor unit.
Autopilot allows it to be moved around with only occasional control needed. UAV controller needs only connect to UAV when they need to observe the area.

Out of place in low tech small unit operations which we wish to run for the time being. Perhaps only useful for much larger missions with more people.
Fairly easy to avoid AI infantry shooting it down. Has to be within roughly 200m.
Powerful scope gives a comprehensive view of the AO that is unbalanced in the same way as sniper scopes remove the fun from shooting because of grass/undergrowth vanishing at distance.
Requires mission maker/GM to set it up.
Adds extra logistical complexity.
Could be more trouble than it is worth by taking someone out of the fight or wasting the time of leadership.
Could remove the element of controlled chaos and fun from small unit operations.

I have to agree with Kaleo here. I’d rather see us use helicopter scouts if/when we need aerial scouting.

I support the idea of an UAV but i think it should only be used if we have at least a platoon(or when doing specops missions)


I remeber in Arma 2 you could shoot little cameras from the Grenade launcher. They gave you a minute or so a overview of the area when they glided down to earth. They would be a good compromise in my opinion. But I have clue if they are available in Arma3.

HuntIR rounds for underbarrel launcher. Yeah, that was one nifty toy. Unfortunately there aren’t any in A3 yet.