Maybe I haven’t looked well enough, but I’m curious as to how the teams will expand as we get more members and server space and I couldn’t see much in the way of general plans. By this I mean: will we aim for a second squad before adding vehicles etc.

The recent server increase and added MMG team is what sparked my interest.

Vehicles are a dynamic thing, on a per mission basis. For the time being, we’re not counting on having proper, dedicated vehicle crews, so slots on the server dedicated to vehicle crews wouldn’t make sense.

[justify]The expansion to a second squad with two fireteams and a proper HQ section will have priority over MAT2 and MMG2. Overall our focus is and will remain infantry combat, permanent pilot slots are necessary for deployment (unless the scenario describes otherwhise) but vehicle crew slots will be a somewhat rare occurrence.

MAT and MMG teams are currently locked to minimum rank of Grunt. We had several operations where the 2-3 men teams where taken out very quickly or renderred combat ineffective due to Recruits not being yet fully familiar with our procedures. Against most factions MMG provides the least benefits of the two support teams, to accommodate for our recent growth we temporarily created the fireteam A3.[/justify]
For the foreseeable future the slot fill order will be (subject to change in certain missions):

  • ASL
  • A1
  • A2
  • MAT
  • A3
  • Reaper 1
  • Reaper 2
  • MMG

[justify]If we don’t have enough people to fill up A3 they’ll take slots in MMG, provided MAT is even necessary. If MAT is not needed the respective MAT and MMG teams will be consolidated in A3.

Our rule for buying new server slots is that the server has to fill up to max. on at least two operations. We are very careful with buying new assets in order to not waste precious donation funds.

I hope this explains the current and future situation of our server slots a bit better.[/justify]

Yeah, thanks. I thought some others might also be wondering, so hopefully it’s answered a few questions for other people, too.