Will anyone have the will to play EUTW in squadmode???

What’s squad mode?

Sounds interesting.
Knew about EUTW, played it with senpai back in the eagc time.
Squad mode?

I think Ruschkeman is thinking about just playing in a group so we can see each other on st hud.

I have been playing a lot on EUTW, it has really good moments but then it can easily get frustrating because all players who know the logistic play as OPFOR. There is more to the game than just capturing flags in specific order.

I’ll be up for some EUTW, just don’t know when I’d have the time. Ruschkeman, just hop on our TS and someone will join you on EUTW, it has always been like that.

Exactly, these are PvP sessions without mods. OPFOR is OP becouse all join them and they have superb armamment.
I wanted to implement what we learn here and try it versus players

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