European Road Trip

Hello guys,

So I am thinking about next summer in 2018 doing a road trip across europe on my motorbike and was wondering do any of you lot have a bike and if you do would you like to join me if only for certain parts of it and if you live in europe would you be able to give up a sofa for the night or just want to meet up?

The general route I was planning was to stop off in Holland then go to Germany somewhere then to Poland and from there head south ending up in croatia then through Switzerland, south of France then back home.

I will try and bring some of my brit friends with me but not sure how it will turn out with our jobs.


I’ve always dreamt about buying some old BMW and drive through europe. Don’t have a bike though sorry.

If you’re looking for some nice roads to explore on the way you should check out the Porsche GTS community. A detailed map over the best roads in the world: Stories from the world of Porsche

Im in for it, we can ride abit in the Harz and enjoy a Ration together

Would you like to start in the UK with me or join me once I hit Germany?

Thats an awesome idea to start together, should be able to get the money in time for the trip

Nice! Jealous! Wish I lived in Europe!

Sounds exciting! I don’t have a bike so I wouldn’t take part in it. However, I do have 3 extra bedrooms in my house. I live 20min North of Nantes in France so if this trip takes you in the area & I am not on holiday at the time, I’d be happy to accomodate you for a night.

Cheers [user avatar=“” name=“Stuka”]17454636[/user] I will consult the map and check out your location. Oh and Eistee you are more than welcome to stay a few days early in the UK before setting off on our road trip to check out London etc

This beast I will be riding :slight_smile:

I was thinking about doing the same, but in a car, and then visiting all the real life locations of Arma maps, except for ya know, the real life counterpart of Takistan

Dont forget Kunduz, i hear the weather is lovely there if you dont mind the sproadic firefights

Well my near-Paris sofa will be available for your british booty. I’d have nice restaurants to recommend if you want to set up a meetup in Paris as well.

Haha cheers mate.

If you guys drive through Switzerland your way will probably lead very close to me!

I have to let you guys know that you’re always welcome to stay at my place for some "swimming in the lake" "enjoying little beer" or "have a good sleep to recharge batteries" (and "eat something good" of course"). Just let me know early enough…

too bad i’m not really the road guy (don’t really enjoy driving with anything that has wheels)

PS: Eistee, there will be some nice Whiskey waiting for you!

Well i am renting apartmen every summer in Zagreb, so just tell me on time so i can free the dates for you. (free of charge of course) :smiley: And if you guys will organize a meet up somewhere i would gladly come for a few days.


I live centrally in Vienna and have a couch to crash on, so come and rock me, Amadeus. :smiley:

I can get you a place to stay in The Netherlands if you want. Close to the German and Belgium border!
Don’t have a bike so won’t join unfortunately. But we can do some sight seeing and enjoy some Dutch grass and beer if you guys want :wink:

[justify]I’m going to feed you cheese fondue till you explode. Muhaha.

Got a large couch in the living room and an extra bed in my guest room. You and your mates are welcome to crash, just make sure nobody has cat allergies. :LOL:[/justify]

Haha cheers mate.

Thanks to all the trip is taking shape nicely :d :thumb: