Escape From Tarkov addiction

Hello there owls and owlets. I might have cut down on Arma a lot, as I am sure half of the current rooster doesn’t even know who I am and maybe you’ve seen me once or twice here and there, but I seem to be addicted to adrenaline so I need something that raises my heart beat and clenches my butt cheeks so hard I get cramps. I bought me the Escape From Tarkov a few weeks back and I am having pretty great time between getting owned by some friendly campers near the exits. I am pretty sure that this game can be much more fun with a bunch of people than playing solo, and what better teammates can I ask for than those that know how to act in a fireteam?

Also I noticed some old thread concerning Escape from Tarkov (year or two old) so to address questions found there: the game plays well, it’s not clunky (not Call of Duty smooth but I am very satisfied with the movement system), the servers are fine most of the time, and so far I haven’t experienced more than 1 bug. In short, if anyone was thinking about buying it but you weren’t sure if the game is in playable state – it is now.

BTW for those who already have it and would be worried that they’d have to carry a noob – I’m lvl 10 and I think I got the gist of the game, I know well-ish 2 maps; I think now I only have to perfect my playstyle and learn the maps more.

tl;dr I’m addicted to adrenaline from games and Tarkov delivers me the hits I need, game plays well, looking for people to play with.

Me, Dusty, Karl and I think Berenton got it and have been playing it.
It’s good but still has it’s flaws. Especially the servers and issues with them almost every weekend and atleast once per week. It kind of put me off the full blown addiction for a bit.
I also dislike that you need 10’s of hours until you know the maps and got some sort of decent gear.

But yeah it’s a fun game. We can play together at some point if the servers don’t shit out :slight_smile:

Well I can try to catch you guys on ts some day then if you’re up for playing. And honestly, I have the game for 3 weeks now I think and there was only 1 day when the servers were crappy to the point of unplayability so maybe it’s better a bit now

I will also have it downloaded when I get back in a few weeks and would be up for playing.

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