Epic meteorite script


It’s really quite specatular


Mission Idea:
Operation ArmAgeddon

It’s 2036 and Apothis is about to make it’s second close encounter with earth, however astronomers have predicted a direct collision with earth in the mediterranean sea, which is grim news for the local Euroforce, Nato, CSAT and AAF garrisons. They are at ground zero. It is predicted that most costal cities in the mediterranean will experience tsunamis of epic proportion, and the greek islands and will be completely engulfed by the sea. The nato US/UK and Euroforce carrier groups are abandoning their ships as we speak and a ceasefire has been enacted as every country in the mediterranean commits their assets to getting the civilians away from the coast and off the islands, moving them to high ground. CSAT has committed their choppers to help the last of the civilians. We will be the last group left on the island and will have just 15 minutes to get airborne before impact…

(The island will be increasingly bombarded with meteorites, causing obstacles and hazards such as broken bridges, buildings and trees. abandoned cars will be widespread also. A nato littlebird will help the trucks full of civilians navigate through the obstacles and find the route to the CSAT evac point. At which point the last of CSAT personel will pull out. We will then be the only souls on the island, save for some goats and rabbit. In the last minutes of the mission the meteorite will hit (simulated by a huge nuke detonated far off shore, causing a massive earthquake, followed by a tsunami which will cause the island to flood rapidly until only the highlands are above water. (if we can find a good flood script)

(There will be some… complications with the evac for you but that’s a secret)

You are really the experience-seeker of all Price. Damn…

I also found a mod called ArmAGeddon that people play… which just makes everything want to kill you. ARMA 3: ArmAGeddon Mod — Part 3 — Meteor Hail! - YouTube